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When we started our journey in 2016 we intended to gather a small group of changemakers and create an environment that inspired and stimulated their productivity and collaboration. Over time, Klustret has grown to become much more than that. In numbers as well as ambition.


Today Klustret is a lab for development and a dynamic experiment in self-organization, run by around 50 members. Everybody contributes to the community and an active culture. We share the vision and a few specific principles that engage and lead us in how to act, communicate and grow. All members also participate in one of our circles, where we are responsible for different areas to keep things running smoothly.


During daytime on weekdays Klustret is a co-working space where we can work on our own or have meetings. Evenings and weekends (and sometimes at breakfast) our space is transformed into an arena for seminars, different events or interesting workshops on the initiative of our members.

Our principles

Fall Tokens



Take responsibility for yourself and your contribution to our community.

Country Road

Leave a better trace

We leave the space (and the earth) as we found it, or better.

Lugna kvinnan

Presence and authenticity

We dare to show up with all we are in the moment.


Share and cocreate

We help each other grow through collaboration, openness and generosity.

bästa vänner

Act and learn

Good enough for now, safe enough to try and learn through feedback and reflection.

Familj i köket

We are all hosts

We take care of ourself, others and the whole.

Our founder

Ekskäret Foundation


The mission of the Ekskäret Foundation is to facilitate sensemaking of the world we create and to establish brave spaces for people to explore and work on their inner growth.

Since it started the foundation has developed arenas and contexts for exploratory meetings, dialogue and lifelong transformative learning.

Read more about the foundation at

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