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Welcome to Klustret Ekskäret!

Klustret is a space, a community and a co-working hub. It is for people and organisations who are committed to creating a sustainable, flourishing and more conscious society, where we can collaborate, grow, share and thrive together. Klustret is centrally located at Odengatan 81 in Stockholm.

Klustret is not an ordinary community or co-working hub. Sure, like many, we offer a vibrant meeting-place and work-space, but there is a difference. At Klustret you join others who are committed to creating a sustainable, flourishing and more conscious society with the focus to share their knowledge and inspiration with  each other. 

Why Klustret?

We live in times of disruptive changes and complexity.  We are facing sustainability challenges that provide possibilities for innovative solutions and entrepreneurship. Technology as a driver has given us more power and possibilities than ever. However we still create a great deal of damage to ourselves and the world. 


How can we update our view of ourselves and society and thereby our contribution to the world we create?

We are a space and community where people and organisations can grow when consciously engaging these challenges. Through supporting each other in being successful for the good of all direct and indirect stakeholders. We believe this can be achieved in a community where exploratory work, reflections and lessons are learned and shared. Where member organisations can co-create joint efforts. We call this a Deliberate Developmental Co-working Space (DDCS*).

Our space in Stockholm is designed for entrepreneurs, thinkers and change-makers who, through their dedication and their operations, both have the will and the power to influence the development of individuals and organisations to better handle transformation and complexity.

The member fee is low with the purpose that "the right people" can come together. But the membership also comes with responsibilities in line with some of our principles, for example "Take care of yourself, others
and the whole" and "Leave a better trace"

We warmly welcome you to join us as a member or to participate in the events at Klustret!


*Inspired by the term and method of Deliberate Developmental Organisation (DDO, Robert Kegan et al)

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