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KLUSTRET is a meeting place in central Stockholm. It is also a community and a co-working hub for people, businesses and organisations who are committed to creating a sustainable and more conscious world, where we can make a difference. 


What makes us different from other communities and co-working places is our focus to share, cooperate and grow. How this happens can look different. It might mean to send out an invitation to discussions at Klustret, or somewhere else, to organize an event or share your abilities to increase our learning. Klustret doesn’t have a readymade concept for how to work, it is created and recreated on the initiative of our members.

Why Klustret?

We live in a time where our world, our social structures and workplaces are facing disruptive changes and increasing complexity. A time where technology gives us more possibilities than ever. Still we continue to live in a way that harms our world as well as us humans.  

How can we update our view of ourselves and society and thereby our contribution to the world we create?

At Klustret we want to grow through consciously facing these challenges, that provide unique possibilities for innovative solutions and interesting projects. We believe this can be achieved through exploratory work and reflection, where we share what we learn. 

Klustret is also an IDG hub

Inner Development Goals is a non-profit organization for inner development that research, collect and communicate science-based skills and qualities that help us to live purposeful, sustainable, and productive lives. Contact our IDG-hub here.

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