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Vision & principles

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Ekskäret Klustret is a physical manifestation of our belief that it is  possible to co-create a more conscious and sustainable society.

Founding idea

We live in times of disruptive changes and complexity.  We are facing sustainability challenges that provide possibilities for innovative solutions and entrepreneurship. Technology as a driver has given us more power and possibilities than ever. However we still create a great deal of damage to ourselves and the world.

How can we update our view of ourselves and society and thereby our contribution to the world we create?

We want  to create a space and a community where people and organisations can grow when acting on this challenge and supporting others in being successful for the good of all direct and indirect stakeholders. We believe this can be achieved in a community where exploratory work, reflections, lesson learned are shared. Where member organisations can co-create joint efforts. We call this a Deliberate Developmental Co-working Space (DDCS*). Our space in Stockholm is designed for entrepreneurs, thinkers and change-makers who, through their dedication and their operations, both have the will and the power to influence the development of individuals and organisations to better handle transformation and complexity.

*Inspired by the term and method of Deliberate Developmental Organisation (DDO, Robert Kegan et al).

Member idea

Members are a diverse group of change-makers. They can be entrepreneurs, employed, consultants or thought leaders. They can also be customers or partners to our members.

Our members:

  1. Are passionate about  co-creating a more conscious and sustainable society (Ekskäret Klustrets vision),

  2. Are curious about how to deal with complexity and personal, organisational and societal transformation,

  3. Want to engage with the members at Klustret in line with our principles,

  4. Can join as teams or individuals.


  1. Responsible participation
    Take responsibility for yourself and your contribution to our community.


  2. Leave a better trace
    We leave the place (earth) as we found it, or better.


  3. Presence and authenticity
    We dare to show up with all we are in the moment.


  4. Share and co-create
    We help each other grow through collaboration and generosity. We strive for open source and transparency.


  5. Act and learn
    Good enough for now, safe enough to try and learn. We are open to feedback and reflect continuously about our experiences and personal growth.


We are all hosts
We make everyone feel welcome and included - guests and members.

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